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Our Story

Canterbury Trails: A Tradition of Sharing New Zealand's Beauty

Canterbury Trails is a family-owned and operated tourism company with a rich history dating back to the late 1990s. We are now under the leadership of the third generation, carrying on the tradition of sharing the South Island's splendour with passionate travellers. 


Our Commitment to Exploration

Canterbury Trails offers a variety of small-group and private tours, catering to all interests and activity levels. Whether you prefer a scenic day trip or an immersive multi-day exploration, we have something for everyone. Our experienced local guides are the heart of our company. They are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about sharing the hidden gems and captivating stories of the South Island.


The Canterbury Trails Logo

Our logo, inspired by Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, is a shield representing the essence of our tours. The three horizontal lines symbolize interconnected trails, while the three vertical lines depict the mighty Southern Alps. The three curved lines represent the island's flowing rivers, all unified by the spirit of exploration and storytelling.


Our Mission

At Canterbury Trails, we are committed to providing exceptional experiences that go beyond sightseeing. We strive to connect you with the culture, heritage, and breathtaking landscapes of the South Island, ensuring your journey is filled with discovery and wonder.


We are proud to be environmentally conscious and take steps to minimize our footprint and support sustainable practices.


Join us on an adventure!

We invite you to explore the South Island with Canterbury Trails. Let us create a personalised itinerary that reflects your interests and allows you to experience the magic of New Zealand for yourself.