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Having recently started with Canterbury Trails as a guide, Irene has delegated the blog to me. I will attempt to do this justice giving regular updates on my life as a guide with this wonderful company (extra brownie points in case Irene decides to read this). I started with the company in July and I must say that the first few weeks learning the ropes were difficult. Getting to experience swimming with dolphins, watching whales, flying around in a helicopter



Tia playing black-ops

Tia playing black-ops

2000 year old Totara tree

Tree Hugging

Swimming with dolphins

The Crew

Shhh..Secret waterfall

Shhh..Secret waterfall


and climbing up mountains was not a way I had imagined spending a day at work (definitely a good change of pace as opposed to working in a busy cafe). Other than all the things I just mentioned, I guess one of the most amazing things for me, I have found appreciation of the environment around me again. Growing up in New Zealand, I have been lucky enough to have traveled right through and around both Islands. Also being brought up in Hokitika (a small town on the West Coast-population just over 2.5 thousand small), I was always aware of my surroundings and had a passion for the outdoors, but now get to share this with people who are experiencing and seeing all the diverse and wild scenery that New Zealand has to offer for the first time and the best thing, I actually have time to stop and smell the roses… literally! This week though, has been a bit hard as we have had some deliciously warm days here in Christchurch and I have been stuck in the office, staring out the window itching to go play outside and longing for it to be Saturday when I’m on the road again.

Watch this space and share in my travels and adventures of this season.

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