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Canterbury Trails Testimonials

Canterbury Trails – Tour Testimonials

“In summary, Canterbury Trails helped provide an unforgettable visit. They have extensive knowledge about their surroundings, and we loved every minute of our time.”

“You can fill your day by walking on your own or with John, an amazing guide. You can experience the rainforest in complete safety, walk paths through to the sea to watch the dolphins and listen to the bell birds sing or watch the fantails flitter. You can end the day under the stars with your guide pointing out just where we are in the universe. It’s a great way to feel small and insignificant and unimportant.”

“Sally, who runs it, is wonderful. She is attentive, thoughtful and, I have to say, quite gorgeous. Nothing you ask for is forgotten.”

“We enjoyed several of the trips arranged by Sally and guided by John, and will never forget the feeling of elation sitting on a deserted beach and watching the penguins come down from their nests and go out to sea to feed. A truly memorable highlight of my holiday.”

“John is an excellent teacher, and we loved learning about the native environment and wildlife. Furthermore, Sally goes to great lengths to ensure that you are comfortable and enjoying your stay.”

“John and Sally are not only formidable operators but genuinely lovely, interesting people. John was a school teacher in a previous life and I get the feeling he was the type that all the kids love: apart from an exhaustive knowledge of the New Zealand wilderness, he possesses a sparkling wit and a bone-dry sense of humour that left me giggling long after our excursions had ended.”

“Allan was great. I wasn’t sure about guided tours. I was very comfortable, learnt alot and was surprised how great they were”.
W Dellany, New Orleans.

“Gavin was friendly, informative and easy to travel with. Excellent communication skills, relaxed but safety aware at all times. A great day out, thanks!”
(Latch Burnford. Perthshire, Scotland).

“My family really enjoyed Gavin’s company, particularly his sense of humour and his willingness to share his own stories. We found that his frank, but respectful observations about New Zealand made for a very grounded, meaningful conversation.”
(Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia)

Gavin is exceptional, very knowledgeable and funny. He is quite an asset!”
(Florida, USA)

“Allan has incredible knowledge and great stories”

“Brian is very knowledgeable, fun with a good sense of humour and has done everything he can to ensure we’ve had and will continue to have, a great trip. We’re just sorry he cannot be with us for the rest of our travels in NZ – he’s been excellent.”
(Herefordshire, UK)

“Brian was fantastic, patient and very knowledgeable about the sites. Thanks for sharing your NZ with us. Brian is a real gem and hope you can continue to share your wealth and love of this country.”
(Angela and Jan, Toronto, Canada)

“Thank you for all you did to make the trip around New Zealand all that is was. For making the country come alive in its flora, fauna and topography. I could have gone on a bus and not learned half, nor experienced half of what I did”
Madge McLaughlin, Indiana

“Your knowledge of the South New Zealand fauna and flora is excellent (both introduced and indigenous). We particularly liked your relaxed and laid-back manner on the tour. We have seen beauties and wonders we can never forget and we have done all this in a relaxed and safe manner, thanks to you”
John & Kathy Forrest

“We had a magnificent walking vacation thanks to your thoughtful guidance, concern and sense of humour. New Zealand is a very special place and you made sure that we experienced it fully”
Doris & Jim Spence

“Peter was very considerate and knowledgeable guide, especially in respect to plants, geology and history. We are very satisfied” (Washington DC, USA)

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